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{The Princess Tarot} 'Le Chariot: Mulan' by suisei-ojii-sama
{The Princess Tarot} 'Le Chariot: Mulan'
"The Chariot" card can be interpreted as a battle outside of ourselves that we must find the willpower to overcome. I think Mulan fits this rather well since her battle was primarily against a society that only viewed her value in her marriage prospects instead of her traits and talents. The card also implies a victory, and the greater victory for Mulan was proving herself not just as a capable soldier but as a very daring and brave person. 

Composition wise, I did want to get that sense of victory in there so I looked a lot at portraits of people on horse back. When sketching, I initially thought of her in her armor but I thought it was important to portray her as Mulan and not "Ping", so I put her in her ending dress. Since Kahn is such a dark figure, I tried to find a color in the palette that would help him vibrate a little and I think the strong pink in the background helps him do that.
{The Princess Tarot} 'L'amoureux: Belle and Beast' by suisei-ojii-sama
{The Princess Tarot} 'L'amoureux: Belle and Beast'
"The Lovers" card was originally going to be a representation of all the princesses and their princes, but when I sat down to sketch it it seemed like it would not fit the feeling of the cards so far. I brainstormed with a couple of friends who would best represent "The Lovers". When I asked the manfriend, who is not a big fan of Disney by any means, who he thought would be the best representation without hesitation he said, "Beauty and the Beast. Their movie has both of them in the title and it is more about their relationship than any of the other movies are." Usually I don't listen but in this case he was right on. 

"The Lovers" is pretty self explanatory. It's about human attraction, relationships, bonding. In some traditions, the card itself brings out questions of choice and doubt in a relationship. I wanted the scene in the card to reflect the moment Belle and the Beast had in the movie where they both realized they had feelings for each other but they realized that there were other things in their lives that required their attention. 

Overall I'm really happy with the colors and the lighting in this. I also really love how the drop pleats in Belle's dress came out (I love me some big poofy skirts). Also, in tribute to the traditional depiction of the cards, I added the Enchantress to the card as the table to take place of the Angel. I feel like she's sort of watching over the whole process seeing that they both end up with their Happily Ever After. 

{The Princess Tarot} 'La Cheffesse: Pocahontas' by suisei-ojii-sama
{The Princess Tarot} 'La Cheffesse: Pocahontas'
So, I think I'm going to start uploading these on Tuesday cause "Tarot Tuesday" sounds like it would be theme appropriate. At the very least it's alliterative.

"The Hierophant" was another card that challenged me because of its traditional masculine interpretation. Also, the idea that the card was supposed to represent religion and "the one who teaches holy things", I found myself spinning in circles for a bit. Reading further, there was more information about how "The Hierophant" was the bridge between the spiritual and the physical worlds. If I took to thinking more in "spirit" terms than actual religion and seeing it as more symbolic for a leader of a people I felt that I could make a case for Pocahontas being the representative of the card.

Religion has a dogma, a set description of beliefs. Society has these ideas as well. Pocahontas lived in a society with its own rules and customs and when she meets John Smith and the English for the first time her beliefs are challenged. Her keen connection with nature and the "spirits of the earth" help her to realize that she must be the bridge between these two very different worlds and to find enough strength within herself to lead people away from conflict. Pocahontas never gave up on her convictions but she had enough spiritual insight to realize more important universal truths about justice. 

From a composition standpoint, I tried to mirror that idea of "The Hierophant" being the bridge between worlds. Pocahontas stands with her arm stretched towards the sky and her feet firmly on the ground. The hawk is representative of her connection to nature, specifically the sky (or spiritual). I wanted to make sure that the hawk and Pocahontas both called back to each other, so I made sure to use the same colors on each of them. I struggled with the wing pattern for a bit but I loved the way this geometric pattern came out and mildly recalls Native art. Lastly, "La Cheffense" (The Chieftainess) seemed a more fitting title for this princess and her card.

{The Princess Tarot} 'L'empereur: Simba and Kiara' by suisei-ojii-sama
{The Princess Tarot} 'L'empereur: Simba and Kiara'
And now for something completely different!

As I was planning these, I came to a pause at "The Emperor" card because the card itself is so masculine and so far my emphasis has been on the princesses. Going through the Disney catalogue, I landed on Simba and I remembered the love my sister and I shared for the movie "Lion King 2: Simba's Pride". It then hit me that Kiara is TOTALLY a Disney princess and that yes, this father and daughter pairing would be great on a card.

From a symbolic standpoint, This card is about the desire we have to "rule" or control our lives but how we must realize that there are forces outside of our control. Simba ran away from his responsibilities and tried to control his destiny but he realized (with a little help from a certain mystical sky lion) that sometimes we cannot fight fate and we must accept what we have been dealt. Similarly, he tries to exert control over Kiara but his overprotectiveness and desire to run her life is at odds with who his daughter is and he had to learn how her life was not his responsibility. 

From a creative standpoint, this card kind of kicked my butt for a little bit. At least in the set, it's the first time I've encountered non human figures and there are two of them! I tried a number of ways to render their fur, but I ended up really liking this limited approach. Also, Kiara and Simba are exactly the same color and from a composition stand point I struggled with separating the two but after layering some gradients and adjusting colors I think it works pretty well. Enjoy!

P.S. The constellation is Aries, for its association with the card and I also seem to remember it's a sign associated with kings. It was gonna be Leo, but the BF called me out on that being too predictable... 
{The Princess Tarot} 'L'imperatrice: Ariel' by suisei-ojii-sama
{The Princess Tarot} 'L'imperatrice: Ariel'
Sorry! This is a day late! But, it was Halloween yesterday, so I feel like there may be some wiggle room.

This one is one of my favorites so far because it has my favorite Disney princess on it! (Going through my gallery, I'm more than a little biased). 

'The Empress' card has associations with Venus (both the goddess and the planet) and I wanted to get an indirect feel to iconic 'Birth of Venus' paintings but still have this look like a picture of Ariel. I got the body pose from the 'Birth of Venus' painting by Fritz Zuber-Buhler and I wanted Ariel's train to fan out in the shape of a scallop shell like the Boticelli painting. I also had to add a dingglehopper because reasons. 'The Empress' card also deals with 'The Mother', and since Ariel is our first princess to have a princess of her own she felt perfect for this.



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