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{The Princess Tarot} 'La Justice: Anna' by suisei-ojii-sama
{The Princess Tarot} 'La Justice: Anna'
"The Justice" card represents a wrong being made right, or making sure you are accountable for your actions. Anna may seem like an odd choice for the card, but hear me out!

Anna really misses the relationship she had with her sister. She feels lopsided without the presence of her sister in her life. Her whole story is about re-instating balance in her life. Though immediately charging after her sister may seem like a decision that is too impulsive, she has a very clear vision of what she is trying to do and she uses her cleverness to help her in the situation.

Also, can't you just see Anna swinging from this rope and yelling "TIME FOR SOME COLD HARD JUSTICE" pretending to be Batman? Cause I can. I also really liked the imagery of Anna being on the rope as an analogue for the scales of justice. Enjoy!
{The Princess Tarot} 'La Fortune: Cinderella' by suisei-ojii-sama
{The Princess Tarot} 'La Fortune: Cinderella'
"The Wheel of Fortune" card's interpretation can be as hard to pin down as fate itself. For the deck, I wanted to focus on the idea of how Fate can just whiplash through your life unexpectedly. One moment you're a princess, the next you're in rags.

I've always been a huge fan of Cinderella. It always struck me how she faced everything that was thrown at her head on and still retained her remarkable ability for kindness. "The Wheel of Fortune" also reminded me of clocks and time and how important they are in her story. My favorite part of this card was that there was the opportunity to create a separate composition for when the card is drawn in the reverse position (that scene where her pink dress was WRECKED in the movie struck too many of my emotions as a child...I have never really recovered). 

Also, for me, her dress will ALWAYS be silver :)

{The Princess Tarot} 'Le Reclus: Elsa' by suisei-ojii-sama
{The Princess Tarot} 'Le Reclus: Elsa'
"The Hermit" card signifies the power of finding the strength in yourself. Sometimes, we need to withdraw from the world to do that. In seclusion, we can find that we are more capable and wonderful than we realize.

Elsa for me is perfect for this position in the Princess Tarot. Only when she is on the mountain by herself and coming to terms with her powers can she see how truly special and marvelous she is. She also represents the extremes that these choices can bring. In the film she literally builds walls around herself and shuts out those who are trying to help her. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be alone but it is important to not shut out those who care about you.

I wanted a very quiet feeling for the card, like the viewer was standing on the mountain with her. I also liked the idea that Elsa was continuing to build and adjust her surroundings. Her hair was probably the most challenging part because of how light it is but I also needed color and contrast to make her face stand out. I hope I found a good balance.

It is a MIRACLE that my page isn't filled to the brim with Elsa art. I should fix that...
{The Princess Tarot} 'La Force: Merida' by suisei-ojii-sama
{The Princess Tarot} 'La Force: Merida'
"The Strength" card deals with discipline and control, something that Merida seems to lack. She is impulsive and brash, but she always follows her heart. For all of her skills, it's not until Merida confronts her fears and takes charge of her life that she shows her true strength.

The traditional composition of the card had a lion and a woman, symbolizing that with presence of mind anything was possible. It was also stressed that the woman look calm, and not struggling to overpower the lion. I replaced the lion with a bear (for obvious reasons haha) and Merida always seemed most at peace while she was with her bow so I drew her doing that. I wanted her hair to look at once like fire but also like knot work. I also really like how the colors in the background help her stand out. Enjoy!


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